First Contact ED

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Hospitals need to rethink their ED operations if they want to realistically address the sorry state of ED facilities all over the country!

Many ED facilities were designed for a different business, as well as volumes and complexities well below what is expected of a modern ED.

We propose hospitals STOP wasting precious capital and labor on updating facilities and instead delayer their service as shown in the graph below.

The focus of this operational redesign is to untangle the varied services provided by EDs, that currently generate one-size-fits-all patient care funnels, backlogs and extended wait times.



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2017 Educational Series

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Is your hospital using monitoring metrics and practices that are incomplete and inadequate for day-to-day operations?

At The Nash Group, we provide methodologies that support modified assignments based on complexity of care. Our methodologies are hardwired to include fully loaded budgets as well as hiring and recruitment strategies.
Please join us during our educational webinars to learn more about how we can help.

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EDs and Penitentiaries: Presentation at the IONL Mid-Year Conference 2017

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The prison population of the United States has quadrupled in the past 25 years. Currently, nearly 2.3 million U.S. inmates (about 1% of U.S. adults) must rely on their jailers for health care. A deep dive of emergency departments and penitentiaries reveals interesting daily operation similarities.

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Staffing Plans – What to Share with Staff and the Public

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Once a staffing plan has been developed, how do we monitor our compliance to the plan?   How do we share these results with our staff and patients, in order to demonstrate our commitment to patient safety and staff satisfaction?

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A Great Cause for Nonprofits: Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach

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In the United States we are fortunate enough to have world-class healthcare and state-of-the-art technology. Unfortunately, this is not the case around the world. Many hospitals in other countries don’t even have the most basic of hospital equipment including syringes, gauze, anesthesia, or clean beds. This makes treating patients not only challenging but dangerous for many doctors and nurses abroad.

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An Interview with Marti from Southwest General

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We recently had the privilege and opportunity to work with Marti Baushka from Southwest General in Ohio. We worked closely with Marti and the team at Southwest General to improve patient placement and projected phasing for a new bed tower. Managerial transitions also kept us on our toes, but through it all, we are proud to hear such kind words from Marti.

We’ve included a portion of our interview below. For the full story, check out her section in Advice From Your Peers, along with interviews from a handful of other clients. Read More

Let’s retire HPPDs

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HPPD, aka hours per patient day, is metric that needs to be retired.  It’s inconsistent with how patient care is delivered and it encourages a misalignment between nursing and finance.

Finance leaders often think of staffing as an allocation of labor hours or units-of-service (UOS). “Comparable UOS benchmarks” set staffing plans that establish clinical labor allocations and budgets. As a result they craft staffing plans that assume that staffing will change in staffing for every census point! Read More