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  • Is your hospital using monitoring metrics and practices that are incomplete and inadequate for day-to-day operations?
  • At The Nash Group, we provide methodologies that support modified assignments based on complexity of care. Our methodologies are hardwired to include fully loaded budgets as well as hiring and recruitment strategies.
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ED: Improving Operations

Does your ED continue to be plagued with delays, frustrated patients, staffing problems and increased cost? Improving patient flow and staffing requires a shift in workforce planning, away from hours-per-visit to actual patient needs based on ESI levels.

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L&D: Inadequate Metrics

Is your hospital still using inadequate and misleading hours of care metrics in your Labor and Delivery division? L&D workforce needs are driven by timely assignments that address the complexity of care and the need to be ready for action.

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Monitoring Acuity & Modified Assignments

Is your hospital investing capital and time monitoring acuity just to continue to have workforce management and financial difficulties? Acuity determines care characteristics that can affect assignments and create a relationship between caregivers and complexity of care.

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Hiring Practices: Organizational Impact

Are current hiring practices forcing departments to operate with inadequate staff in addition to paying significant premium? Active quarterly recruitment reduces vacancy and premium pay usage. While, the full vs flexible workforce projections provide consistent staffing practices that meet seasonal operations and adjust to labor market.

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No More HPPDs

Hospital labor cost can only be controlled by retiring 5 decades of unsuccessful workforce financial planning and benchmarking driven by hours of care. A single patient is the difference between an upper and lower quartile performance. Clinical operations must be driven by complete patient assignments.


October 24th – 1pm CST

November 1st – 11am CST

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Budgeting: Removing HPPDs and ADC from the Equation

Is your hospital still allocating labor resources based on incorrect census and revenue assumptions? Planning labor budgets on ADC and HPPDs doesn’t reflect the resources needed by the unit throughout the budget year.


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Transforming Operations: Advanced Practices that Leverage Workforce Technology

Healthcare organizations buy workforce management and acuity technology under the false expectation that it can transform decades of incorrect and incomplete labor management practices. Our review of 162 healthcare organizations over the last 5 years shows that 78% are disappointed in their investments in workforce management software that only produced negative feedback and little labor improvements. State of the art labor practices are the key to transform operations and leverage workforce management technology.

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