2014 February

Chronic care everywhere?

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“It’s no secret that providers are moving quickly to implement accountable care organizations (ACOs),” writes Susan DeVore on the blog.  “Recently, the Premier healthcare alliance released a survey of hospital executives projecting that ACO participation will nearly double in 2014. As providers work to improve their way to shared savings payments, look for a more intensive focus on the biggest health care consumers: those with multiple chronic conditions. Since each chronic condition increases costs by a factor of three, managing this population is the sweet spot for the ACO….”

Nurse leaders need a new approach

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Hospitals today are facing unprecedented legislative and budgetary pressure to do more with less. Some are cutting administrative costs, while others are reducing staff or services. But in the midst of chaos, savvy nurse managers are learning to use operatons knowledge to thrive. They are aligning daily operations with clinical goals and financial imperatives. Sound impossible? It’s not. Details are in this article co-authored by Nash Group president Deborah Terry, VP Beverly Schrickel of Firelands Regional Medical Center and CNO Joan Cusack-McGuirk of St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital.  Voice of Nursing Leadership.

How to attract nurses

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OSF Saint Francis, a 550-staffed-bed tertiary referral center in Peoria, Ill., has not only started meeting their nurse-patient ratio on a regular basis, they can prove it using data from our business intelligence tool, the PCMAuditor.

“I can show the nursing staff how often we meet the nurse-patient ratio target, and it’s a high percentage of time,” said Chief Nursing Officer Susan Ehlers. “In fact, we use those reports as a recruitment tool.”

Read more at “Grading Your Nurses,” Health Leaders Media.