2014 March

Data rich, information poor?

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chartAt Nash, we’re all about making sense of big data. Ongoing training and webinars are some of the ways we help clients understand their numbers. That’s why we enjoyed this question posed to Bruce Smith, senior vice president and CIO at Advocate Health Care in Illinois, by Heath Care’s Most Wired. His answer hits at the core issue for many financial folk. Here’s the snippet –

How do you avoid being data rich, but information poor?  [SMITH] -It takes new skills and learning to effectively work in this space. There needs to be clear definition of the problems we are trying to resolve or the processes we are trying to improve, with expectations of result. We need to bring in talent that has the skill sets to exploit the data and to translate it into formats that lead to improvements and understanding.

You can read the full article here.

Health care should include some health caring, too

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In the midst of all the ACA changes and turmoil, we need to focus on data and metrics, an essential task if we are going to have health care in the future.

Yet, sometimes an intangible, unmeasurable, yet critically important element gets sidelined: caring. Gary Greensweig writes eloquently on the need for kindness in health care in this month’s H&HN Daily in an article titled, “Recognizing the Value of Kindness in Health Care.”

While he is writing about physician care, the same applies, in spades, to nursing care as well. In fact, he says, “Feeling comfort, experiencing a sense of community and being cared for as a Read More