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Is your hospital using monitoring metrics and practices that are incomplete and inadequate for day-to-day operations?

At The Nash Group, we provide methodologies that support modified assignments based on complexity of care. Our methodologies are hardwired to include fully loaded budgets as well as hiring and recruitment strategies.
Please join us during our educational webinars to learn more about how we can help.

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  • The “replacement” bill crafted by the Republican Congress will critically impact the bottom line of all hospitals. Most hospitals fail at controlling all three parts of their cost performance hierarchy (strategic, structural and execution cost). The new bill will require assertive management and changes in all three.

    Execution costs, that account for how well day-to-day operations are performed, is desperately undermanaged by most hospital. Incomplete and incorrect workforce methodologies currently being used by hospitals will quickly balloon execution costs from around 15% to become a quarter of the total cost. These flawed operational practices include:

    • labor allocations based on average daily census (ADC) and hours of care (HPPDs)

    • use of acuity monitoring and workforce management software to justify inconsistent assignments

    • hiring practices that don’t account for flexible workforce to cover recruitment and retention needs and scheduling practices

    • seasonal budgets that discount seasonal and week vs. weekend labor fluctuations

    • staff plans that disregard modified workloads and care complexity

    • disproportionate sitter hours to meet unplanned patient needs

    We invite you to join us in our 2017 Educational Series where we discuss what hospitals need to be doing to control execution cost.

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