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Staffing Plans – What to Share with Staff and the Public

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Once a staffing plan has been developed, how do we monitor our compliance to the plan?   How do we share these results with our staff and patients, in order to demonstrate our commitment to patient safety and staff satisfaction?

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Well intentioned but unworkable – mandated ratios in Massachusetts

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staffing imageThe mandated nurse-patient staffing ratios discussion is heating up in Massachusetts, where the proposed Patient Safety Act would set the maximum number of patients that could be cared for by hospital nurses.

In an article in Health Leaders Media, a spokesperson for the Massachusetts Nurses Association/National Nurses United said it was an “out and out unmitigated lie” that mandated ratios would be too expensive and rigid.

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Two things nurse leaders always ask us

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TEMP-Image_1_4Every nursing executive faces unique challenges, but one of the biggest challenges is almost universal: the need to deliver high-quality bedside care within serious financial constraints.

Oftentimes, nurse leaders have already tried proprietary staffing software that helps them adjust staffing all day long. On the surface, that sounds like a good strategy, but too frequently nurses are sent home early or premium nursing costs are incurred. In those circumstances, costs are not predictable.

“The majority of hospitals are still budgeting to a midnight census,” says Mike Wasserman, who heads up business development for The Nash Group. “But workload is Read More

Nurse leaders need a new approach

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Hospitals today are facing unprecedented legislative and budgetary pressure to do more with less. Some are cutting administrative costs, while others are reducing staff or services. But in the midst of chaos, savvy nurse managers are learning to use operatons knowledge to thrive. They are aligning daily operations with clinical goals and financial imperatives. Sound impossible? It’s not. Details are in this article co-authored by Nash Group president Deborah Terry, VP Beverly Schrickel of Firelands Regional Medical Center and CNO Joan Cusack-McGuirk of St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital.  Voice of Nursing Leadership.

A better night’s sleep for this patient care veep

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One way to take the “swing” out of patient census is to create mini-hospitals within your organization, as did our client David Duda, vice president of patient care services at Riverside Medical Center in Kankakee, Ill.

“I used to lose sleep figuring out how to staff one med-surg unit,” Duda recalls. “The census would swing between 48 and 16.” Now he can tell nurses the unit’s target census and how many patients each nurse can expect, and it has become “one of our easier units to staff,” he says. His flexible unit for medical-surgical ranges between 12 and 25 patients. Find out how he did it.

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