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Staffing Plans – What to Share with Staff and the Public

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Once a staffing plan has been developed, how do we monitor our compliance to the plan?   How do we share these results with our staff and patients, in order to demonstrate our commitment to patient safety and staff satisfaction?

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10 ways to keep health leaders engaged and focused on mission

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Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 1.19.40 PMImagine that one of your leaders asked you daily: What’s working well today? Who should be recognized for great work? What needs improvement today? Do you have what you need and can I help?

After you wiped up the coffee you spilled in surprise, you might be amazed and gratified, supported and challenged.

This is just one key step in a process that works to engage employees and leaders with a hospital’s mission, according to a new study from the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Business. And along the way, patients thrive.

A recent article in Becker’s Hospital Review lays out 10 focused efforts by leaders that can improve employee engagement.

Among them, respect people enough to tell them the truth — especially if they have a coffee stain on their shirt. Read the whole article by Quint Studer, founder of Studer Group.

3 keys to Reid’s dramatically improved HCAHPS scores

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Reid’s beautiful facilities alone were not enough to raise HCAHPS scores; staff had to get involved, too. (Reid photo)

Improved morale and better communication can be hard to  measure, even if they lead to measurable HCAHPS improvements.

But at Reid Hospital, our client in Richmond, Ind., all these good things have happened, thanks to a strong commitment from upper management and buy-in throughout the institution. Not to mention something that looks a little bit like fun in the midst of a serious business.

Those all-important HCAHPS scores? Up from a composite score of 28 before 2011, to 72 today. (And that includes value-based purchasing scores, too.)

Raising those scores required a sea change for Reid. Back in 2007, the hospital opened an outpatient care center and medical center, followed a year later by a new inpatient tower. Patient room sizes doubled, and visitors got wireless access, computer kiosks, pull-out sleeping couches and more.

“We had lots of amenities,” says LuAnne Christofaro, executive director of nursing and former director of Patient Experience/Service Excellence, “and we thought that automatically our HCAHPS would go up, but they didn’t. We decided we needed a wholesale culture change.We realized it was not the things, it was about the people. If they aren’t there to connect those nice things, nobody appreciates [the nice things].”

At a recent AONE conference, Christofaro presented ideas for how other healthcare leaders might be able to follow in their footsteps. Read More