New Video Shows How The Nash Group Delivers

The Nash Group has delivered remarkable results to hospitals of all sizes, health systems, and single-site healthcare organizations nationwide and we want to share how and why we do so.


  • Lori Wightman says:

    Thank you to the Nash Group for getting our organization on the right path to optimizing the management of our human resources, improving appropriate patient placement, and creating an environment where safe, quality care is delivered.

  • Valerie Favata says:

    Utilizing the Nash methodologies has taken the daily crisis management away. Already we have seen a decrease in our turnover rate after having implemented their methodologies for only a few months!!

  • Greg Shock says:

    Nash provides a solid background for optimal staffing plans for each nursing unit based on each nursing unit’s needs. Having the optimal EcoSize or “sweet spot” for each nursing unit provides us the foundation for a more financially productive organization.

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