The April 20, 2020 Executive Order on Immigration severely restricts many aspects of U.S. immigration and visa issuance, although special consideration is given for healthcare workers. To learn more about the current U.S. Department of State policy of expediting visas for healthcare workers and U.S. immigration options for healthcare professionals in general, check out Chicago immigration lawyer Richard Hanus’ summary of up to date visa policies and laws: U.S. Visas for Healthcare Professionals and Workers
The immigrant visa is normally the only option for nurses because most of the non-immigrant visa classifications are not available to the typical registered nurse seeking employment in the United States. More at Visa Options For Nurses
“Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act would reallocate 25,000 additional visas for international professional registered nurses to combat the nursing shortage in the United States” Senate and House leaders are determined to ease restrictions on international recruitment for registered nurses. Worsening nursing shortages in the United States are cited as impetus for congress to sponsor this bill to offer relief to hospitals and medical centers. Please click on the link to learn more. The The Official U.S. Senate website of Dick Durbin
The 2019-2020 recruitment cycle is now closed. All accepted candidates completed their application, placement will be completed by Q1 2021
The 2017-2018 recruitment cycle is now closed. All accepted candidates completed their application and placement