Nurse Recruitment:

At this time, we are hiring only BSN’s with specialties that match our current U.S. client hospital needs. We are not hiring Dialysis Nurses, Cath Lab Nurses, Outpatient RN’s, Office and School Nurses, Faculty Physicians who have become nurses, Physical Therapists or Pharmacists.

Also, we are not presenting and matching vocational nurses or LPN’s, CNA’s, PCA’s at this time. The U.S. Immigration Employment Based Petitions to obtain permanent resident status (green card) are applicable to “Schedule A” healthcare workers, which applies to nurse professionals with BSN licenses. We file as the EB3 petitioner under the I-140 process.

Nurse Qualifications:

Nurse must be a BSN and have a minimum of 1-2 years’ experience providing patient care in a hospital setting. The nurse should have good English speaking skills, both verbal and written, and be able to demonstrate fluency on a video conference interview screening call. During the 10-12 month filing and approval process, the selected nurse must pass the IELTS (English Test) with minimum proficiency of a 6.5 and 7.0 score, and also pass the NCLEX exam which verifies registered nurse knowledge and competency. We will help the nurse obtain state licenses and cover all immigration and other licenses and procedures during the process.

Target areas of Need:

We are hiring International Nurses (BSN’s) with good English to match client hospital needs. The years of experience needed varies depending upon specialty. Med/Sur and Telemetry will need a base of 2-4 years’ experience and all others 1-2 years’ experience. All experience must be in an acute care hospital setting.

  • Medical-Surgical – 2-4 years’ experience needed as base
  • Cardiac Telemetry – 2-4 years’ experience needed
  • PICU – 1-2 years’ minimum
  • NICU – 1-2 years’ minimum
  • Emergency Room – 1-2 years’ minimum
  • ICU – 1-2 years’ minimum
  • OB/Delivery – 1-2 years’ minimum
  • Gastro – 1-2 years’ minimum
  • Oncology – 1-2 years’ minimum
  • Pediatrics – 1-2 years’ minimum
  • Surgery/OR/Cardio Surgery/Ortho – only 1 year minimum

Currently, Medical-Surgical and Telemetry represents 60% of our nurses; ICU; Emergency Room Nurses represent 25% of our nurses but demand is very high;

OR, OB Delivery, Pediatrics Nurses, PICU, NICU: represent 15% of our nurses but again demand is very high. The nurses we select must be able to demonstrate various types of Patient Diagnosis, Procedures and Skills Performed in their patient care experiences.

We will pre-screen all potential candidates for complete skill qualifications.

Also, on a limited basis we will consider screening for selection an experienced nurse that may not have a BSN, but has BSN equivalent experience. This would need to be a very experienced nurse that would submit for and receive designation of BSN equivalency by the CGFNS CES Credentialing Evaluation procedure.

  • We successfully met 2017, 2018, 2019 vacancy needs, 73 candidates were accepted.
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