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The Nash Group has delivered incredible results to both large and small hospitals, health systems, and single-site healthcare provider organizations throughout the nation. Read on to see what others are saying about The Nash Group.

Reid Health in Richmond, Indiana

“I was invited to a follow-up with Nash after some initial meetings and then was asked to work directly with David at Nash. We primarily used The Nash Group’s services for our nursing service line.

Our overall experience was extremely good. Nash is extremely attentive, paying close attention to detail, walking us through the entire process, all while utilizing various means of constant communication to keep the team well apprised of everything going on.

One of the things that really stood our was their exceptional understanding of best practices in regards to staffing plans for nursing and how to connect all of it into their system. They were very comprehensive throughout the whole process.

Something that had really sold us was learning how another facility was already using Nash’s system. This helped to convert anyone who was on the fence into a believer. We were able to see how well the facility’s experience had gone and how they were able to consistently operate within budget.

Target census and patient placement were our most challenging aspects to overcome in the beginning. We didn’t anticipate a large percentage increase in volume because our forecasting had shown a decline, however the Nash system allowed us to easily navigate this issue. Once everything was in place and squared away, the results were almost immediate.”

LuAnne Christofaro , MSN, RN, Executive Director of Nursing
Reid Health

Southwest General in Middleburg Heights, Ohio

“The experience was excellent. Nash fully engages with you and your team. 100% of the work is face-to-face, which really makes a huge difference in this scenario. The Nash team was also able to effectively engage nurse managers. They worked right alongside them.

Overall, Nash has a very supportive team. Dave and Deb met with the CFO and CNO regularly to check in and stay on top of targets. They really helped us achieve our primary goal of staff stabilization. We ended up hiring 100 new people which reduced the overall labor costs.

We really needed help in our Medical Surgery and Critical Care units. Therefore a lot of work was done in “patient placement”— where to place the patient as opposed to the next available bed.

We began using the Nash Analytics every four hours. Staff submits a census at key times. The process helps to drive staffing every four hours. Additionally our Director of Nursing and Director of Finance review reports daily. They look for variances in which they build action planning steps. We also have patient placement discussions due to capacity constraints. At the same time as we began implementing The Nash Group’s system, we were also building a new bed tower. Nash ended up helping with projected phasing for that, creating a smooth transition. Nash is probably one of the best consulting groups I have ever worked with. They are just great people.

At the time, Southwest was also going through managerial transitions and Nash was more than able to accommodate. The entire Nash team is very willing to help and are great partners to work with. We got exactly what we were promised.”

Marti Bauschka, Vice President of Patient Care/CNO
Southwest General

Firelands Regional Medical Center in Sandusky, Ohio

Firelands is a consolidation of what once were three separate hospitals. It is the only full-service, 400-bed medical center in Erie County.

Here is what two of its leaders have to say:

“In my role as CNO I recognize the critical role that our nurse leaders play. They are passionate about delivering our clinical goals and they understand both their clinical and financial accountabilities. While I set the standard for nursing operations The Nash Group’s SDM 20/20 methodology provided our team with the analytics to make well informed operational decisions about our processes. Using total census, not ADC, they are able to create “what if” scenarios. This affords us the fluidity and creativity to consider several budget compliant models and select the best one.”

Beverly J. Schrickel, RN, Vice President, Clinical Operations, and Chief Nursing Officer
Firelands Regional Medical Center

“We use The Nash Group’s Nash Analytics to track our operations in real time. The real time feature allows us to monitor finances, care model compliance and patient clinical indicators. Rather than wait for weeks, or even months, for reports based on midnight census, nurse managers get real time feedback based on true patient activity that includes observation patients. The annual budget process has become a more efficient and less time-consuming too.”

Pat Bignoli, Nursing Administration
Firelands Regional Medical Center

What made it all work at Firelands? Says David Ledersnaider, CEO of The Nash Group, “While we are able deliver the operational analytics, its Bev’s keen understanding of operations that guided — and continues to guide — Fireland’s good outcomes. Her ability to use objective data and hold leaders accountable for their well-planned goals is the true lynch-pin.”

The Health Care Advisory Board has concluded:

“…members may consider implementing this practice as a method for matching staffing to demand across all hospital departments to minimize employee downtime. The advisory board estimates that a typical 300-bed hospital could save $1 million to 1.5 million through implementation practice.”
As reported in Iroquois Healthcare, Fall 2006

Nyack Hospital, Nyack, N.Y. (375 beds):

“Defined RN-to-patient ratios have for the most part been successfully maintained for each patient care center and the need for mandatory overtime has been significantly reduced. In addition, the nursing department has continued to reduce agency costs by filling RN vacancies so that RNs are readily available for each patient care center…. Overall, staff satisfaction has improved using the new model once nurses adjusted to working in ‘full units’ and the staff learned what could be expected on any given shift.”

Carole McCue, RN, MSN, CPHQ, Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer
Nyack Hospital
“Predictability Improves RN Retention.” Nursing Spectrum.

Mercy Memorial Hospital in Monroe, Michigan

“I’ve been in this business 35 years and Nash is one of the best. I have recommended them to several other hospitals because they have done an outstanding job for us. They bring in a proven product — a scheduling system that works. We are using it to this day and have seen several million dollars in savings.

David understands what we need but he doesn’t come in and tell us, “This is what you’ve got to do.” He says, “Here’s the system, here is how it works.” He doesn’t tell you what your staffing should be. Nash says, whatever staff workload you feel comfortable with, we are going to show you how to save money with that plan. That’s where you get buy-in from finance people, like me, who want to cut costs, and the clinical folks, who want staffing workloads they feel comfortable with.

The key is that Nash’s system bonds clinical with financial and that doesn’t often happen. Usually finance says “cut” and clinical says, ‘we can’t.’”

Tom Schilling, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President, Finance
Mercy Memorial Hospital

“We hired Nash because we had challenges keeping staffing level and identifying FTE versus bodies. One of our challenges was keeping the care team consistent so that nurses can reliably know the patient ratio. It can be difficult with ups and downs of bed turnover.

Nash’s approach to staffing is so logical, it’s easy to discuss and have meaningful conversations with our staff that they can understand. It really helped us be on the same wavelength with finance. Now activity and census mean the same thing to both of us.

I am a repeat customer. I had hired Nash at a previous organization and brought them to Mercy Memorial. Dave and Debbie gave a presentation to our senior leadership and because it was so logical, we didn’t have any resistance. Nash is so very collaborative and always available if you have a question or need guidance. They are a pleasure every step of the way.”

Pam Urbanski, Chief Nursing Office and Senior Vice President, Patient Care Services
Mercy Memorial Hospital