Reid Health in Richmond, Indiana

“I was invited to a follow-up with Nash after some initial meetings and then was asked to work directly with David at Nash. We primarily used The Nash Group’s services for our nursing service line.

Our overall experience was extremely good. Nash is extremely attentive, paying close attention to detail, walking us through the entire process, all while utilizing various means of constant communication to keep the team well apprised of everything going on.

One of the things that really stood our was their exceptional understanding of best practices in regards to staffing plans for nursing and how to connect all of it into their system. They were very comprehensive throughout the whole process.

Something that had really sold us was learning how another facility was already using Nash’s system. This helped to convert anyone who was on the fence into a believer. We were able to see how well the facility’s experience had gone and how they were able to consistently operate within budget.

Target census and patient placement were our most challenging aspects to overcome in the beginning. We didn’t anticipate a large percentage increase in volume because our forecasting had shown a decline, however the Nash system allowed us to easily navigate this issue. Once everything was in place and squared away, the results were almost immediate.”