Mercy Memorial Hospital in Monroe, Michigan

“I’ve been in this business 35 years and Nash is one of the best. I have recommended them to several other hospitals because they have done an outstanding job for us. They bring in a proven product — a scheduling system that works. We are using it to this day and have seen several million dollars in savings.

David understands what we need but he doesn’t come in and tell us, “This is what you’ve got to do.” He says, “Here’s the system, here is how it works.” He doesn’t tell you what your staffing should be. Nash says, whatever staff workload you feel comfortable with, we are going to show you how to save money with that plan. That’s where you get buy-in from finance people, like me, who want to cut costs, and the clinical folks, who want staffing workloads they feel comfortable with.

The key is that Nash’s system bonds clinical with financial and that doesn’t often happen. Usually finance says “cut” and clinical says, ‘we can’t.’”