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  • Is your hospital using monitoring metrics and practices that are incomplete and inadequate for day-to-day operations?
  • At The Nash Group, we provide methodologies that support modified assignments based on complexity of care. Our methodologies are hardwired to include fully loaded budgets as well as hiring and recruitment strategies.
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Planning and Scheduling for the Expected

Is staffing a daily crisis? Staffing is more than just scheduling.  Find out what is needed from budgeting, staffing and contingency plans to ensure the optimal staffing every day.

Does it Pay to Hardwire Sitters into your Budget?

Is your hospital utilizing excessive sitter hours to meet unplanned patient needs?  Using an unplanned sitter to monitor a patient commonly disrupts unit staffing.  Find out how to anticipate and secures staff based on modified workloads.

Benchmarking at the Executive Level

There are many benchmarking tools in healthcare, but what do they really tell you? There are five metrics an executive needs to make effective operational and financial decisions.

L&D Data Critical to Workforce Planning

Do the number of deliveries per year still guide the staffing plans in your Maternal Child division?  Detailed acuity monitoring allows for workforce planning that is driven by the complexity of care.  A staffing plan can be built to support the required core staffing and contingency needs.

Improve Throughput with Environmental Service Management

Is your organization experiencing delays in patient placement due to an overwhelmed environmental services (EVS) department? Learn how to identify the patient ADT patterns and EVS operations throughout the day in order to align EVS staffing with room turnover demands.

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