What is SDM20/20™?

Our core methodology, SDM20/20™, offers a complete staffing optimization and acuity solution that repositions workload in ways that make staffing predictable while lowering overall costs.

How is SDM20/20™ different?

The SDM20/20™ goal is to create operational practices that protect staffing plans and financial expectations by: stabilizing clinical operations and making care assignments sustainable; redefining staff counts and schedules; and calculating labor budgets that fully disclose the cost of care, recruitment and retention, PTO, and even contingency needs.

Acuity is not a measure of patient illness, it’s a measure of work. The workload that an RN or clinical team can manage encompasses more than a patient’s illness. SDM20/20™ is a unique methodology-based solution that sustains proper clinical workloads, eliminating the need for day to day, shift to shift adjustments in staffing. Our acuity methodology:

  • supports proper clinical care assignments
  • assesses infrastructure and core care teams
  • determines and hard wires each unit’s non-productive demands
  • defines acuity practice and workload changers
  • provides analytics to monitor proper workloads and assignments
  • incorporates ADT (churn factor) into proper workloads

Nash Analytics™

An integral part of the SDM20/20™ methodology is Nash Analytics™. This unique business intelligence system provides productivity management and budget tools for clinical and non-clinical departments to validate operational and financial performance. Nash Analytics™ contains all the needed tools for analyzing, designing, and monitoring the SDM20/20™ methodology.

Incorporating the SDM20/20™ methodology into your daily operations results in:

Stabilize Workloads
Balance Activity
Lower Labor Cost
Reinvest in patient care

SDM20/20™ Results

This report represents key performance indicators for some of our clients, pre and post Nash implementation.