Beverly J. Schrickel, RN

Firelands Regional Medical Center / Vice President, Clinical Operations, and Chief Nursing Officer

“In my role as CNO I recognize the critical role that our nurse leaders play. They are passionate about delivering our clinical goals and they understand both their clinical and financial accountabilities.

Pam Urbanski

Mercy Memorial Hospital / Chief Nursing Office and Senior Vice President, Patient Care Services

We hired Nash because we had challenges keeping staffing level and identifying FTE versus bodies. One of our challenges was keeping the care team consistent so that nurses can reliably know the patient ratio.

Tom Schilling

Mercy Memorial Hospital / Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President, Finance

“I’ve been in this business 35 years and Nash is one of the best. I have recommended them to several other hospitals because they have done an outstanding job for us. They bring in a proven product — a scheduling system that works. We are using it to this day and have seen several million dollars in savings.

Carole McCue, RN, MSN, CPHQ

Nyack Hospital / Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer

Defined RN-to-patient ratios have for the most part been successfully maintained for each patient care center and the need for mandatory overtime has been significantly reduced

Marti Bauschka

Southwest General / Vice President of Patient Care/CNO

The experience was excellent. Nash fully engages with you and your team. 100% of the work is face-to-face, which really makes a huge difference in this scenario. The Nash team was also able to effectively engage nurse managers. They worked right alongside them.

LuAnne Christofaro , MSN, RN

Reid Health / Executive Director of Nursing

Our overall experience was extremely good. Nash is extremely attentive, paying close attention to detail, walking us through the entire process, all while utilizing various means of constant communication to keep the team well apprised of everything going on.