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The healthcare industry offers challenges unlike any other industry.

Healthcare is a business where providers must be compensated and organizations need to remain profitable for the industry not to collapse. Managing the “service” of healthcare and the “business” of healthcare is a complex balancing act, where gains on one side seem to lead to losses on the other. We at The Nash Group see it very differently: we bring gains across the board.

Since 1992, The Nash Group has been creating and implementing proven staffing optimization and acuity methodologies and state of the art tools that deliver measurable clinical, operational and financial results for healthcare organizations around the country.

Our methodologies and analytics use your organization’s daily operations to expose the underlying synergy that exists when business and service are brought together. As a result, our client’s expectations to provide the right staff at the right cost are achieved.

To learn more about our approach, and the tools we use to achieve our results, click here. Or to learn about the incredibly experienced staff that is at your service, click here.

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