Nash Analytics™ – Generate or validate a budget

The new fiscal year is right around the corner. Take the guesswork out of budgeting and streamline the process with Nash Analytics™. Create a fully loaded budget, including productive and non-productive FTEs and dollars, with a few simple steps.

Nash Analytics™ – Monitor staffing compliance and evaluate staffing modifications based on acuity

Is your organization using the correct staffing plan based on patient acuity? Monitor your unit’s ability to comply with the staffing plan and assess if modifications need to be made based on patient acuity using the Nash Analytics™. Maintain patient safety and quality of care by ensuring the right staff is on the unit for your patient type at the right time.

Nash Analytics™ – Dashboard

Want a high-level overview of your organization’s operations without having to review multiple reports? Look no further. The Nash Analytics™ Dashboard provides access to every units’ staffing compliance, unit census, sitter utilization and workloads in a single report.