9 Awesome Benefits to Pursue a Career in Nursing

1 There Is a Major Nursing Shortage

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we are expecting a shortage of about 800,000 nurses by 2020. The population of the world is living much longer and will need to have more medical care. So, hospitals and medical facilities are always looking for nurses. Some places of employment will pay $10,000 sign-on bonuses and more for the most experienced nurses.

2 Job Flexibility Is High

There are few jobs that have the flexibility of nursing. You can work when you want and where you want. Do you want to work part time, full time or as a temporary hire? You can do all of them. You can take time off for work and find work fast when you want to come back to the field. You can work three days in a row and have four days off, and be full time employed, too.

3 Enjoy Strong Personal Satisfaction

The field of nursing is one of the most respected fields in the world. Nurses are the key link between doctors and patients. Every situation is different, but many times the patient will interact a great deal more with the nurse than the doctor. Many nurses find that this is one of the most personally rewarding fields they can imagine.

4 Work in Many Locations

By becoming a nurse, you can find work just about wherever you like. You may work in a city hospital, in the suburbs or in a rural area. You can work in any state and any country in the world. If you become a freelance consulting nurse, you can travel to work in most cities in America for a few days, weeks or months, and then move on to another place. You will find there is nursing work available wherever you go.

5 Enjoy Career Mobility

After you become an RN, you can go in many directions in your career. You can work in the justice system as a legal nurse consultant, or in trauma care or wound care. You might work as a writer, teacher or a researcher. There are no end of options when you become a nurse.

6 High Salaries

The median wage for nurses is almost $50,000, according to BLS. If you become a nurse practitioner, you can earn over $60,000 in median pay. You also can earn time and a half for working on holidays and weekends. Nurses who work in advanced practice can earn up to $90,000.

7 Good As a Second Career Choice

Nursing is one of the most popular second careers. The field offers relatively good pay, and you easily can increase your earnings by working more hours, and working on holidays and weekends. There are many professionals who retire from their first career and continue to work part time as a nurse to supplement their income.

8 Many Nursing Specialties

There are more than 200 nursing specialties in which you can earn a special certification. This will certify that you are an expert in that particular speciality. This will often cause you to earn a higher salary and to increase the demand for your services. Whatever your interest in nursing, you can probably find a specialty that interests you.

9 Work in Many Different Patient Populations

If you like to work with a certain type of patient, you can do it as a nurse. Some of the most common patient populations include pediatric, gerontology, pain management, wound and burn management, psychiatric and chemical dependency.

Being a nurse means being well paid, in demand, and able to enjoy many awesome benefits. Make sure to check out all of the educational programs near you that lead to becoming a registered nurse.

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