Why Americans are so fed up with health care!!

The amount of money Americans have to pay out of pocket for healthcare expenses before their insurance kicks in is now double what it was a decade ago.
The average deductible for an individual is $1,655 a year, roughly double the $826 workers paid about a decade ago, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s annual Employer Health Benefits Survey released Wednesday.
A greater number of employees have deductibles compared with a decade ago, too. A little more than four of every five covered workers have a deductible, more than 63% of workers who had deductibles a decade ago.
For a family insurance plan, employers and workers pay a total of $20,576 a year in insurance premiums. Of that, workers are annually contributing $6,015, an amount that’s also rising.
The increase in medical expenses is coming at a faster pace than both wage growth and inflation. In the past year, annual family premiums rose by 5% while wages rose 3.4% and inflation rose 2%.
While wages and inflation have cumulatively increased by 26% and 20%, premiums are cumulatively up 54% over the past decade, while deductibles have skyrocketed 162%.

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